Welcome young being. Let us tell you the story of Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a large empire that takes up a portion of  the world.

It is the only civilization still standing after the bombs fell.

All is peaceful in Sanctuary. Humans live alongside wildlife, most of which are able to communicate with humans. 

These beings live in peace, and shall always live in peace.


The Counsel is overthrown.

Then, all is lost for Sanctuary.

Now it is your turn to choose a side.  Who will you choose?

Those Who Unite - These beings commonly obey the Counsel by all means, but has been known to follow their own paths at times. 

Those who Consider - These beings follow the Counsel normally, but either do not truly enjoy their authority.

Those who Rebel- These beings ignore the authority of the Counsel. They live by their own rules, no matter how deadly.


Join today and find your destiny!


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Joining For the
Counsel is Currently Open!  If you'd like to join please Message Jade Skyth(Sol)

There will be a counsel address on 7/13/17 at 6:00 Central. Please try to be on.

Customers may begin to get irritated at the large crowd in Sanctuary. Vendors should be patient and should work as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.